Thinking of getting a new tattoo? Ink Hunter is the perfect app for that.

Within the last year, I've gotten quite a few tattoos both big and small. Most of the time, they have been spontaneous. But when, I got the Ganesha on my bicep, I did have an issue envisioning how it would look on my arm.

And, if you have tattoos you know you won't be able to see how it looks until they place the stencil on your skin. Well, with Ink Hunter you can upload the sketch and place it over your skin to see how it would look!

It's the perfect app to use to give you a better idea on how the tattoo would look. It also gives you more opportunities to try out different body parts!

I currently have used this app to predict how a certain thigh piece would look on me. So far, thanks to Ink Hunter may have found the exact piece I want.

So, if you love tattoos but don't know what to get and how it will look, download Ink Hunter!

(free for Apple and Android phones)

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