For the record I am on board with this.

Wedding season is here and couples every day are trying to do something new and different to make their special day even more memorable, for themselves and their guests.

I've seen some couples change things up with their bridal party entrances, others go with the food, and even a few parties have their reception in an amusement park.

But I think an uncharted area is the wedding favors.

No, don't give me a miniature bottle of champagne or picture frame or liquor glass, give me something more permanent. If I am giving a pretty generous gift in honor of your happiness than I want something I can remember the occasion by forever, not some chachke I'll lose or eventually throw away.

And since we're in 2018 I figured why not go the way of a tattoo.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Kat Von D can tattoo at my wedding any day of the week.

Now here me out, this is a great idea. Have a tattoo artist come to your wedding reception, for a price, and let him tattoo your guests for the evening. He can create something exclusive for your wedding, and for the sake of a large wedding party make it a small design. With a few different options related to what the bride and groom want or the theme of the party you will have something to choose from.

Then they will forever be imprinted with the memory of your glorious day, physically and mentally.

Would you even consider doing this at your own wedding? Vote in our poll!

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