Is "The Perfect Storm" coming our way?  The threat from Hurricane Sandy is there, and some rains will hit staring this weekend, but how big this storm will be depends on the track it takes.

Hurricane Sandy is currently a Category 2 hurricane with winds at 105 MPH.  The storm has picked up strength after tearing into Jamaica and crossing the warm Caribbean Sea.  Sandy has now hit Cuba, there have been 3 reported deaths because of this storm, and now it is likely that Sandy will be a factor on the U.S. East Coast.

The Press of Atlantic City is reporting that South Jersey could see the first signs of Sandy as early as Saturday with some rainfall.  The storm could linger to as far as Wednesday (Halloween).

The question becomes what track this storm will eventually take.  The National Weather Service has been following numerous scenarios - as of Thursday afternoon there seems to be 2 likely courses for Hurricane sandy to take.

Scenario #1 -- The storm hits landfall north of N.J. between Long Island and the New England area.  This scenario is the lesser of 2 evils because it will bring less rain that the other outcome, but the damage can still be significant.

Scenario #2 -- The heart of the storm hits around Delaware, and "stall as it interacts with a slow-moving cold front".  This scenario will make last year's storm seem tame - high winds, heavy rains, power outages, and even snow would impact on this track - creating a monster hybrid storm (that has been nicknamed "Frankenstorm")

Reports are coming out if the worst case scenario happens with Sandy, the damage on the East Coast could amount in the Billions!  Meteorologist Alan Kasper is keeping a close eye on this storm and will have periodical updates on SoJO 104.9, and keep on your computer to see more updates as we gather more information.

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