Former Meteorologist Scott Stevens is calling it "Weather Warfare".  He allegedly believes so-called chemtrails and secret advanced technology are being used to control weather patterns, which are responsible for these devastating Hurricanes.

Back in 1995, Stevens was formerly a meteorologist for a local TV station, before it came out that he had lied about his credentials. Later in 2005, Steven left a different TV station on his own after working there for 9 years. After being behind-the-scenes on weather for so long, Stevens decided to leave in order to pursue his theory about Hurricane Katrina:

According to MelMagazine:

He claimed that Japan’s Yakuza mafia had acquired an electromagnetic generator made in Russia at the height of the Cold War and used it to create the storm to “avenge” the victims of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Now what gets ME super invested is Stevens' beliefs about Hurricane Sandy that impacted South Jersey heavily in 2012: He told conspiracist Alex Jones that Hurricane Sandy’s path had been set by the government, which he believes has powerful means of  changing the weather beyond our understanding.

Behind this conspiracy is one fueling factor that these theorists have zeroed in on, and this device is called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), based in Gakona, Alaska.

Basically, these conspiracists believe that this 90's government funded creation developed by the Navy, Air Force, DARPA, and UAF--has caused assassinations, the Columbine shooting, and the TWA Flight 800 crash. Although, it's true purpose is allegedly for communications and surveillance purposes--according to programs description.

Now as we prepare for Hurricane Jose and Maria, following devastation by Harvey and this something we should be taking into consideration?


But regardless of what you believe, we should ALL continue to pray for those effected by these storms!



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