Fresh, fallen snow makes for beautiful scenery. Ya know, that pristine snow that hasn't been dirtied up by snow plows, shovels, and boots. So, here are a bunch of pretty snow photos from South Jersey's most recent snowfall, before it all turns ugly.

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This is the kind of snow that makes us stare out the window in wonder. It can be so awe inspiring at times, and definitely a vision worth capturing.

Eventually, we gotta get out there and do something with the snow. It get shoveled, blown away, plowed up into frozen mounds, and muddied up.

And then there's the melting out, which is not so pretty. This particular Nor'easter dropped A LOT of the white stuff on us, and temps around the region remain close to or below freezing. So the melting process will be snow (think giant hills of snow in mall parking lots that survive till spring).

If you took a pretty shot of the snow this week, feel free to message it to us using the free SoJO 1049 mobile app.

Pretty Photos of South Jersey Snow (Before It All Turns Ugly)

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