Welcome one and all to another episode of Around the Mic, our weekly podcast where we talk about the most random topics that somehow all work well together. It is one of life's great mysteries. This week we talked about big jugs of ranch dressing, what we want to say "Thank U Next" to, and Scientology. Makes sense right?

Hidden Valley came out with mini kegs of ranch in 2017, because why not? For all of you ranch fanatics out there, this is your dream come true. The keg contained 5 liters of heaven and costs $50. This got us asking if you could have a keg full of any condiment, which would it be? Here at SoJO 104.9 we ask the tough questions. Maybe you want a keg full of mayonnaise or ketchup.

We had a segment called "Thank U Next" where we talked about things we want to say buh-bye to. Heather is over avocado toast, beauty YouTuber drama, and Ariana Grande being on all fours in music videos. Chelsea is over being confusing Millennials with college kids and internet trolls.

This episode continued our "Bitter End" segment where we talk about high profile divorces. This week we tackled Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Just how much did Scientology have a hand in their relationship and their divorce? The short answer, everything. We dove head first into the world of Scientology.

Watch this week's episode of Around the Mic:

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