Could you kill? Could you kill another person or an animal? We think so.

Last week's episode of Around the Mic we talked about why we love characters that are terrible. We love characters that do terrible things because they have this charisma that makes us drawn to them. This lead us to this week's conversation. Could we be just as bad as these characters?

If you do a quick Google search you would see that most experts would agree that we are all capable of murder. Scary thought huh? We talked about the idea of being capable of murder and whether we would feel remorse or not.

We also introduced a new segment to the Podcast called "The Bitter End," where we talk about high profile divorces. Of course we had to talk about Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos. Bezos, CEO of Amazon, did not have a pre-nuptial agreement signed and is set to give half of his wealth to his soon to be ex-wife.

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