In 2017, Walmart revealed that people from New Jersey buy dumbbells more than any other state. They have released the data for this year and the results are a bit less weird.

Every year Walmart reveals what people buy from each state more than any other online. This is not saying most people are buying this one item, rather what that state buys online more than another. Some of the results from the other states make sense, others just make you scratch your head. What do people in New Jersey buy?

Pool salt.

Yes, people in New Jersey buy more pool salt than any other state. I've always said that if I had a pool I would want a saltwater pool.

According to Walmart, "Data from 2017 sales. To create the product map, we took a look at the top 25 most popular items purchased on in each state and identified interesting top sellers."

Some of the top purchased items that may make you scratch your head include: cinnamon flavored toothpaste in New Hampshire, plastic hangers in Pennsylvania (apparently they are fans of Mommy Dearest), in Massachusetts they are buying Ghost in the Shell on DVD, Louisiana is buying root beer extract, and our neighbors in Delaware are buying spiced jelly candy.


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