I tried water on my cereal once - but that's because I was out of milk. I should have gone to the store the day before.

Occasionally, I'll dollop some yogurt on my cereal, instead of milk.  My Dad will sometimes break up a biscuit and mix it in with his cereal.

Some of you who called the show, admitted to eating there cereal the following ways:

  • Some of you actually put ICE CUBES in their cereal.  
  • Some like putting HOT MILK on their cereal.
  • Others use WATER instead of milk on cereal.
  • How about COCONUT WATER instead of milk?
  • ORANGE JUICE. Yep, orange juice on cereal is a thing.
  • SHREDDED CHEESE on cereal Get some cereal, throw some cheese on it.
  • BUTTER on corn flakes is awesome, someone said.
  • DICED TOMATOES on cereal.  Well, it is a fruit.

So, what unconventional way do YOU eat cereal?

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