If you're getting ready to say "I do" anytime soon - better open your checkbook. The average wedding cost exceeds median income for most couples across the country.

Wedding ceremony
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Wedding costs are up, especially in New Jersey and the Northeast, where couples spent over $27,000 this year to get married.

"There's the dress, the flowers, the rings, even the little things you don't think about like the transportation can add up" said Anja Winnika at the "Knot.com."

She says weddings in this area typically cost a lot more than say a wedding in Nebraska.


"New Jersey does it big, there are a lot of details, a lot of expenses and couples are willing to pay for premiere locations on the beach and fancy reception halls."

But there are ways to save.

"Cut the guestlist. Even eliminating ten people means you cut ten dinners, ten bar tabs, a centerpiece, a server."

She says you can even cut costs when it comes to the flowers.

"Flowers, even though the ones you are going to use in the bouquets, can all be great centerpieces. Its a great idea to move them over to the reception and use them twice.

A lot of couples are choosing the option to get married in the fall this year.

"Brides and grooms can use that fall color scheme to their advantage, using the colors for their flowers, the dresses. It also typically costs less to get married in the fall because venues drop their prices."

Other ways to trim your budget: skip the Saturday wedding, hold your ceremony and reception in one place and shop off-season for wedding dresses and decor.

"There are a million ways to save money, you just have to know what you can live with and what you can't. If the venue is the most important and the flowers are not, that's a good place to start" said Winnika.

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