The constant heat and lack of rain has had folks flocking to Jersey’s coast, but shore merchants haven’t claimed victory yet. Shore visitors may have been digging their toes into the sand, but they haven’t been digging into their pockets.

Jenkinson's Boardwalk

“The economy is a factor,” said Toby Wolf, Advertising Manager for Jenkinson’s Boardwalk at Point Pleasant Beach. While families agree to the price of beach admission, Wolf said many are choosing against “the extras.”

“If (families) were going to buy ice cream or a gift, like a souvenir, that might be something they leave off,” Wolf explained.

She continued, “Their personal finances only let them do so much.”

Still, Wolf said her staff is much happier, and business is stronger, when the weather is nice; the crowd is better, and so is the overall mood.

Uncle Carmine's & Cuzzin Vinny's

Over in Manasquan, the same economic concerns exist among merchants. Joseph Pisano, a manager at Uncle Carmine’s and Cuzzin Vinny’s, said he was surprised by their struggle for business.

“I honestly think times are changing,” Pisano said. “When I used to here, you couldn’t even walk. But now, you kind of just wait for business.”

Pisano predicted a “grind” from now until Labor Day, despite the day-after-day beach weather. However, he said there are “no worries” for the eatery’s Belmar location (possibly due to its late night hours and proximity to D’Jais Bar & Grill).


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