Compared to the rest of the United States, New Jersey has the highest amount of millennials staying at home with their parents.

Well, because times are hard!

Combine factors like getting an education, the economy and employment rates, and that results in millennials staying at home to save a penny.

About 47% of young adults between 18-34 years-old would much rather shack at home with mom and dad. Sure, there are still people who get a roommate or live with a significant other, but it seems like staying at home is the best option.

Don't worry, Pennsylvania and Delaware don't lag too far behind with their numbers between 36-37%. Actually, most states on the East are facing the same staying at home trend.

It may seem like another way to poke fun at millennials, but it also a big reflection on our recent economy, which I think explains pretty well.

Hopefully there is a turn around soon. As a millennial, I would like to be eventually debt-free and one day own my own home.

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