You can't go on Facebook without someone trying to sell you CBD oil anymore. Cannabidiol is extracted from the buds and/or flowers of the cannabis plant and is used to treat a number of ailments. While experts may be a little skeptic on the long list of things that CBD oil can actually treat, people who use it swear by it. Never the less, people use the oil to treat anything from arthritis to epilepsy.

Not so surprising, CBD has moved into the beauty world. Nail salons are now offering manicures and pedicures using the oil. As someone who is naturally curious, I had to see what this was all about.

The nail salon by our station, AK Nails and Spa, currently has a sign up advertising CBD pedicures. The last time I had a pedicure/manicure was about 2 years ago when I was in a friend of mine's wedding. It was time to change that.

When I got to the nail salon, like your average visit, I chose my polish color and sat down to wait for my turn.

Van, my nail tech, got the footbath ready with a Dead Sea salt soak that, of course, had CBD oil and other essential oils like chamomile, blue tansy, and eucalyptus. She then began to scrub and massage my arms and hands with a sugar scrub and mint massage lotion. Then, came more CBD oil on both arms and hands.

Once my arms and hands were thoroughly massaged and scrubbed, it was time for my legs and feet. She used the same scrub and lotion as she massaged and scrubbed my legs and feet, for what felt like 10 minutes each. She wrapped my legs in a hot towel before rinsing off the scrub. More lotion was lathered on my legs and feet and CBD oil was poured on to be massaged in. She then went and got two hot stones to massage my legs before prepping my feet.

The normal pedicure procedure occurred to make my toes look like they haven't been neglected in for two years. She placed collagen feet masks on my feet as she painted my toenails.

After about an hour it was time to dry my nails, with collagen maks still on my feet.

I felt perfectly pampered and my muscles felt so relaxed.

Watch the whole process here and hear my thoughts here:

DISCLAIMER: I did not pay for the pedicure. This video and article are not sponsored.

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