The Birds were in Jacksonville yesterday for preseason and a certain reunion brought a few tears to our eyes.

Eagles' quarterback Carson Wentz and former quarterback Nick Foles reunited before the game and it was the most adorable thing to watch. SO HAPPY it was caught on video. The Birds shared it to their Facebook page with the caption 'different teams, same friendship' and that pretty much just sealed the deal on the sentimental front.

Check it out:

Philadelphia Eagles via Facebook
I know that time heals all wounds, but I'm sooooo not over the fact that we lost him. Wentz + Foles forever. Name a better duo..

...and someone PLEASE stop chopping onions, thanks.

Anyway, Philadelphia ended up winning against the Jaguars with a final score of 24 to 10. Go Birds!

(but we still love you, Nick Foles)

Source: Facebook

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