Cats chase dogs chase cats.  It's a 'tail' as old as time (Tail, get it?...Lol).  But it turns out cats can also save lives.  Meet Tara.  She may be the world's greatest feline.  Tara came to the rescue when a little boy was attacked by a neighbor's dog trying to pull the child off his bike.  The video is incredible.

The attack happened in Southwest Bakersfield, California, according to, where Roger and Erika Triantafilo live with their son and adopted tabby cat Tara.  Roger uncovered the rescue footage from the family's surveillance system.  His young son playing in the driveway when – seemingly unprovoked – he was attacked by the neighbors' dog.

Erika says that her son needed a few stitches but is otherwise doing fine.

The dog is now under observation.

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