That's enough outta YOU, no. 90, that's enough.

In newly surfaced video (reposted by uSTADIUM on X), a Buffalo Bills player confronts a heckling Philadelphia Eagles fan in the stands at Lincoln Financial Field during Sunday afternoon's game.

The exchange quickly turns heated and Bills Defensive End Shaq Lawson appears to shove the fan.

The 6'3", 265 lb. Clemson alum gets right in the face of the man, who is standing in the front row closest to the sideline. Surely the man was talking trash, but from the field it seems Lawson is out of line after losing his composure.

You'd think he'd know better being a seasoned veteran in his 8th season in the NFL.

But who could blame him. Even after the Eagles were down by 10 TWICE during this latest matchup with the Bills, Buffalo just couldn't get the job done, ultimately losing to the Birds in overtime, leaving them 6-6 for the season while Philly moves to 10-1.

Watch the cringy confrontation between Lawson and the Eagles fan below.

It's a little confusing (and I had to watch a few times) because it appears the shove comes from Lawson's teammate Jordan Phillips who also got in the fan's face, but you'll see Lawson's right hand comes into frame and that he's the one who put a hand on the man.


Let's see if there's any fallout from this spat.

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