Police say Lynette McGuire enlisted help from a cousin to set fire to her parents house in Washington Township, all in an attempt to kidnap her own daughter.

Police say the women 32-year-old McGuire and 33-year-old Denise Coyle, of Bensalem, started the fire Thursday to create a diversion so they could abduct McGuire's 3-year-old daughter from her grandparents' home on Lafayette Court.

Brian McGuire tells 6abc.com he and his wife were awarded custody of the 3-year old and her three other siblings by Child Protective Services after allegations of abuse mounted against Lynette McGuire and the children's father.

It was Doyle who managed to grab the 3-year-old. Doyle and McGuire put the child into the car and sped off, but were stopped a short time later by Washington Twp. Police and arrested. The child was unharmed. The pair is now charged with kidnapping, aggravated arson and burglary.

According to Brian McGuire, he and his wife purchased the home in last year, but with the cost of court proceedings over the custody of his grandchildren, they never purchased insurance.

While the family has not asked for help, the community is coming together to donate gift cards for kids' clothes and other basic necessities, and they will likely need help rebuilding their home.