Everyone was touched by the story and picture of Jeffrey Hillman, the barefoot beggar who famously received a free pair of boots from a big-hearted police officer in New York City.


Too bad just got an unhappy ending.


It turns out our 'shoeless friend' isn't homeless at all, but has an apartment, and takes home as much as several hundred dollars a day while pretending to be homeless.


He freely admitted to reporters of the New York Post as they followed him home on the subway and then watched as he calmly counted a huge wad of bills.   The Post also said that he even bragged about his '30 pairs of shoes and boots at home'.


Despite the unhappy ending, there is still some heartwarming left.   This doesn't take away from NYPD's Larry DePrimo's kind gesture,  he was the officer who bought this 'homeless man' a new pair of boots.


He represents the best America has to offer, unfortunately I can't say the same for Jeffrey Hillman.