Mariah in Vineland called The Mike Show on Valentine's Day to tell us who she is madly in love with - her fiance Alex!

Mariah told us that Alex is hard working, kind, and will do anything for anyone...and this was his proposal to her.  Alex's microphone wasn't working so **TURN ON CLOSED CAPTION TO SEE WHAT ALEX SAID**



The video was posted on YouTube by EvilChickenScratch and describes what happened this way:

During a tech rehearsal of "Hairspray" at Cumberland County College in Vineland, NJ... Alex, who was working stage crew decided to propose to his girlfriend Mariah, who played part of Penny Pingleton and was also the choreographer for the show. With the exception of the production staff and stage crew, only Alex's best friend, who played Seaweed, knew this was happening. The entire cast was genuinely shocked, and their excited reactions were heart-felt and real. This proposal completely raised the bar, and was EXACTLY what Mariah dreamed of since she was a little girl. The best part is she only ever told Alex she wanted their proposal filmed... nothing else. This guy really knows his girl! Congratulations Alex and Mariah! MAKE SURE YOU TURN ON CLOSED CAPTIONING TO SEE WHAT ALEX SAID!!


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