Video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice dragging his apparently unconscious fiancee out of an elevator at Revel Casino hit the Internet a few months back, and now we have an update to this story.


According to the Press of AC, Atlantic City police say that Ray knocked her out with one punch during a fight at the Revel Casino over the weekend.  They were both arrested for fighting.  Sources say Ray hit his girlfriend after she spit on him.



In this disturbing video, Rice kind of drags his fiancee out of the elevator, then leaves her lying face-down on the floor.  Later, it appears that hotel security comes over to see what's happening. ...




Ray Rice has been indicted for aggravated assault, after allegedly knocking his fiancée.  If convicted, he could be looking at three to five years in jail.  Both were originally charged with assault, but Ray's attorney released a statement stating:


'Ray Rice is not going to put blame on Janay Palmer.  The state chose only to prosecute Ray Rice, and we ask that the public reserve judgment until all the facts come out.' (TMZ)

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