Top 9 Healthy Snacks at Work
Picture this - its the 3 o’clock hour at work. You just had lunch a few hours earlier, but it's too early for dinner. Yet you still have a craving for some type of snack. Do you just break down grab a donut from the break room or candy bar from the vending machine? You can do better tha…
How I Avoid Cheetos/Smartfood Popcorn Fingers
I get made fun of all the time by friends and co-workers for my method for eating sticky snacks like Cheetos, Smartfood Popcorn, and Craisins.  But because I can't stand getting goopy fingers, I use chopsticks!  Hey, don't knock it till you try it.
7 Healthy Super Bowl Snack Recipes
Sticking with your New Year's diet regimen can be tough when prepping for a Super Bowl party. Check out these 7 super tasty (and healthy) snack recipes that will make your taste buds happy and keep your waistline shrinking!