Look closely. You may have driven past some of the best restaurants in South Jersey you've never tried! Locals say, "Don't just a book by its cover," and swear by these 27 hidden gems.

A first-time visit to C&G's Country Café in Toms River is what sparked the idea for this whole conversation!

C&G's Country Cafe, Toms River
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The shopping center in Toms River where C&G is located (behind Lester Glenn car dealership) has very cookie-cutter storefronts, and it sits back off Route 37. You might never even know it's THERE let alone imagine the adorable café behind one of its doors. It serves some of the best breakfast I'd never had before.

LOOK AGAIN! You're Passing By South Jersey's BEST Hidden Gem Restaurants

Hidden Gem Restaurants in South Jersey
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That's when I realized there must be lots of restaurants like that in South Jersey I've overlooked. Who better to ask than YOU to tip me off to more restaurants that might not look like much from the outside but totally shine inside serving up some of your favorite dishes in the area.

Locals Name South Jersey Best Hidden Gem Restaurants

Recommended Restaurants
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From Verna's tucked away in Millville to the big, bold The Pub in Pennsauken and lots of places in between, don't snooze on these restaurants because what's hiding inside is worth the visit. And I'd love to add one of YOUR favorite hidden gems to this list, too!

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Below are 27 hidden gem restaurants in South Jersey definitely worth your attention. Remember not to judge them by their 'cover'!

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