Will and Grace. Lucy and Desi. The small screen has given us countless memorable tandems over the years, duos that have lived on long after the curtain came down on their shows.

And that got us thinking: There are so many great actors and actresses out there who’ve won legions of fans for their TV work that it would be a crime if some of them didn’t join forces and work together. These are stars with the chops to carry a show on their own, so imagine how amazing it would be if they hooked up with counterparts with whom they could go toe to toe. There's star power, and then there's superstar power.

We’ve put together a fun little list of actors and actresses we’d love to see get together in their own series. Lauren Graham with Ty Burrell? Let's give it a shot. Jerry Seinfeld and Betty White? Why not! Sure, none of these may ever happen, but, hey, we can always dream, right?

Check out the list, and tell us if there are any dream pairings you have in mind in the comments below.

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