Trump Taj Mahal will soon follow in the footsteps of Revel, The Atlantic Club, Trump Plaza, and (original) Showboat -- the so-called "eighth wonder of the world" will be closing its doors after Labor Day.

Citing a statement from Tony Rodio, President and CEO of Tropicana Entertainment, The Press of Atlantic City reports the Taj Mahal will close in about a month.

Rodio said the ongoing Unite Here Local 54 strike, which will become the longest strike in Atlantic city's gaming history later this week, played a role in the decision.

Rodio said,

Currently the Taj is losing multi-millions a month, and now with this strike, we see no path to profitability. Our directors cannot just allow the Taj to continue burning through tens of millions of dollars when the union has singlehandedly blocked any path to profitability. Unfortunately we've reached the point where we will have to close the Taj."

In a statement released this afternoon, Bob McDevitt, President of Unite Here Local 54, said,

How petty. I would never have thought Carl Icahn was so one-dimensional. The great deal-maker would rather burn the Trump Taj Mahal down just so he can control the ashes. For a few million bucks he could have had labor peace and a content workforce, but instead he’d rather slam the door shut on these long-term workers just to punish them and attempt to break their strike.

Approximately 3,000 people will lose their jobs next month when Trump Taj Mahal closes.


SOURCES: The Press of Atlantic City, Unite Here Local 54 Press Release 08/03/16, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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