In a world where privacy may feel like a thing of the past thanks to social media, True People Search takes it a step too far. I received a text from my cousin last week saying "I deleted your information from True People Search, you're welcome." Prior to this text, I had never heard of the site, nor did I take it seriously...

Until, someone on Facebook commented how creepy the site was. Immediately, I typed in the site and a page with a search bar pops up: Name, City, State or Zip.

I typed in my mother's information, and there it was: her address, previous address, my relatives names, MY name, and people she may know. I was in disbelief seeing names I recognized, and how accurate the site was! I of course, tested the site with other names and each time, the site was accurate.

Now, the site CAN be useful if you're searching for lost relatives, or friends. But I'm not the only one who saw the danger if this information got into the wrong hands:

Luckily, True People Search does provide the option to delete your name from the site (click here to delete). This site was definitely a reminder how important it is to protect your privacy, especially online.

Be safe, everyone!

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