The Mike Show on SoJO 104.9 asked this highly scientific (not) survey question: How Does South Jersey Like Their Eggs? The results were shocking!

I'll take my eggs just about any way you give them to me, with the one exception: that they are NOT runny. Runny, yolky eggs totally skeeves me out. If you asked my directly, I'll usually say scrambled (3) or in an omelet form (5). I don't even know what poached is.

"Social" Spring admits to eating eggs every day...sometimes multiple times a day. I've never seen anything like it.

Obviously eggs are a breakfast staple that can be served in many forms; However, most people are pretty particular on how they like their eggs served up.

Here are the goods:

  1. Over easy
  2. Poached
  3. Scrambled
  4. Sunny side up
  5. Omelet
  6. Soft-boiled


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