What situations drive you NUTS when it comes to toll plazas in South Jersey?

Traveling on the Garden State Parkway or The Atlantic City Expressway, there are certain situations that have you banging on the steering wheel, yelling, "COME ON!" or just simply shaking your head.

Top 11 New Jersey Toll Plaza Pains

  1. The guy in front of you doesn't have his money ready and is stopped, looking around for it.
  2. You realize that you don't have enough cash or change for the toll.
  3. You remember you left the EZ Pass at home and you hit weekend summer shore traffic at the toll.
  4. That impatient guy next to you is trying to cut in line, ahead of you.
  5. Exiting to a toll plaza that doesn't have an attendant and you don't have exact change.
  6. The Pennsylvania driver stops in front of you and doesn't realize it's an EZ Pass lane.
  7. The New York driver that darts all the way across from the far left lane to the far right lane, because they want a receipt.
  8. You toss your change into the basket and it doesn't register.
  9. Drivers that still blow their horn when the toll doesn't register.
  10. There are 9 toll lanes but only 2 are open.
  11. That driver next to you races you out of the toll plaza and doesn't let you merge over.

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