Every morning at 6:45, I talk about the dumb/bad/extremely ugly with the SoJO stupid citizen.  This past Friday night, I was finally a witness to a stupid citizen first hand. I came home late Friday night after a long day; which included a visit to Hammonton High School, as well as stopping and visiting a friend in Williamstown.  I practically fell into my Lazy boy recliner and begin to enjoy the weekend.  All of a sudden,there was a knock at my door.  I slowly opened the door, only to find a much shaken friend who had her I-Phone stolen.  We immediately tried calling her phone and, of course, the phone was turned off.  After 20 min of talking and consoling, we called the phone one more time…and it started ringing!  Lucky for my friend, I-Phone has a feature where you can find your phone location online.  Next thing you know, I found myself in the passenger seat of a car, headed to the Galloway Twp Police Department faster than Kim Kardashian headed for her next rebound.  The Galloway Twp Police Department did an excellent job locating the in a quick matter.  The poor guy apparently found this phone on the ground, and didn’t give it to security because he had a pregnant wife and needed to go home.  A bad decision for the guy, but what was worse was  that he decided to not only turn on the phone, but also play with the apps and listen to the music!  No charges were filed, except whatever was filed in the guy’s jeans when the police showed up at his door.  The best part about this whole story?  The Galloway Twp Police Department we’re blaring SoJO throughout the entire building!