Tom Arnold can be defined as a working actor who may not be the leading man, but has found his niche over the last 20+ years in Hollywood.  With his career on an upswing after a wonderfully natural moment on of all things a comedy roast, Arnold will spend time with Tom Morgan on Monday morning.

Tom Arnold's moment on Comedy Central last month on the Roast for his ex-wife was a surprise for many, especially Roseanne.  Not having been in the same room for about 18 years, Arnold got past the awkward beginning of his appearance on stage and delivered some funny jokes about Roseanne.  Yes there were some zingers ("She may not have been the perfect wife, but she is literally the worst ex-wife on the planet"), but not as mean spirited as others that night (you can refer to Jeffrey Ross on YouTube on your own).

Arnold did let his guard down with an emotional, heartfelt complement to the woman he once loved.  Arnold may not have intended to do the show, but he stole the roast (see for yourself).

Tom Arnold will call in into the SoJO Morning Show with Tom Morgan on Monday morning around 8:30 to talk about this and more.

Arnold has been in about a hundred movies in his career, and his latest Hit & Run is in a handful of theaters in South Jersey.  Arnold stars with a solid cast that includes Bradley Cooper, Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Chenoweth.