In honor of the upcoming Grapes and Grain Festival on June 7th at Trump Taj Mahal, I bring you my five favorite craft beers!


I wish I was literally 'bringing' you these fine beverages, but for now I'll just write about it and perhaps we can drink it later:


  • 1

    Shock Top

    When I look for a beer, I look for lowest form of bitterness with just a hint of sweetness.  But not too sweet.  If I wanted to grab something 'sweet', I would be drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade, and my friends would make fun of me for hours.  Shock Top does the trick.  I highly recommend their summer ale.
  • 2

    Dogfish Head

    Great mix of malt and hop notes, and a little bit more intense than most.  I could probably drink one or two of these beers in one night, and then move on to something else.
  • 3

    Stone IPA

    Perfect for a hot day.  But don't chug it, it's meant to be enjoyed slowly.
  • 4

    Sierra Nevada

    This is usually my go-to beer.  It can be filling quick, so pace yourself.
  • 5

    Great Lakes Christmas Ale

    A winter, spicy brown ale.  A mix of honey, cinnamon, and fruit.  Smooth with a medium body feel.  Very tasty.