I gave listeners an Easter challenge, and I ended up being the one that suffered. 


On Friday's SoJO Morning Show, I had 20 dollars in lottery tickets in front of me and I had to give them away somehow.


This was Easter weekend, and I just so happened to have a pack of Easter peeps in front of me.  Viola!!  I read a movie quote from a popular movie, with as much peeps in my mouth as possible.  Listeners had to figure out the quote (and as a bonus, name the movie).


To say this contest was a little messy was an understatement, not to mention the horrible sugary taste of an Easter peep.  I realized that just because you eat a pink peep, doesn't mean it's going to taste like cotton candy or pink lemonade.  Every single peep, whether it's blue, pink, orange, yellow or purple it all tastes exactly the same.



You can watch the peep challenge below.  I automatically have the video start at the :51 mark which is when the peeps were consumed



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