Parts of Texas have been utterly ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, and it's effects are still in progress. Here is the best way you can help those impacted by the storm.

The hurricane, which made landfall north of Corpus Christi Friday night, is expected to drop upwards of 40 inches of rain in Texas over the next several days. The videos and images coming out of cities like Houston and Corpus Christie are heartbreaking, and watching our fellow Americans go through this weather event can make us feel helpless.

Severe Flooding Continues In Houston Area
B. Levey/Getty Images

Monetary donations are the most efficient way to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. While volunteers will eventually be needed for cleanup efforts, funds are needed immediately to erect shelters and aid those in need. The American Red Cross will make certain your donation is used for disaster relief. You can use the link below, call 1-800-HELP NOW (1-800-435-7669), or text to 90999. Please help.

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