With the amount of delis in New Jersey, it is safe to say our sandwich game is strong. Some may prefer the classic PB&J, while others prefer to fill their sandwiches with deli meat. No matter how you like your sandwich, New Jerseyans take sandwiches serious.

Men's Health determined the most "iconic" sandwich for each state. Obviously, our friends to the west have the cheesesteak as their most iconic sandwich. New York is defined by pastrami on rye and in Delaware they have the Bobbie, which is essentially a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. While all of these make sense, does New Jersey's most iconic sandwich truly define the state?

There may be some debate to which sandwich is iconic in New Jersey, however Men's Health decided that it was the Italian hoagie. According to the article, "Italian sandwich shops are almost as much as a staple as classic red-sauce joints in New Jersey."

Homemade Italian Sub Sandwich

Some may say a pork roll, egg, and cheese is the most "iconic," but there is no debating that the Italian sub or hoagie (depending who you are talking to) is a staple in New Jersey.

Men's Health described the sandwich as, "Thin ribbons of soppressata, mortadella and more cold cuts combine with mozzarella or provolone, shredded lettuce, sliced tomato and onion and a smattering of peppers and other condiments to create hoagie perfection." We know here in New Jersey, there are so many different combinations that make up an Italian sub.

Some of the other iconic sandwiches include: hot brown in Kentucky, loose meat sandwich in Iowa, and muffeletta in Louisiana.

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