It’s been the law for years. Although police write hundreds of tickets for it every winter, drivers still don’t clear ice and snow off the roofs of their cars. Under 39:4-77.1, failure to do so can cost you up to $75.

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Tuesday morning I found myself on I-287 playing driver dodgeball several times with small sheets of ice flying off both cars and trucks. Mostly trucks.

Selfish NJ driver
Jeff Deminski photo

Then in Wayne I came across this guy. My initial though was you have to be kidding me. As you can see from the pic taken at a red light, he not only didn’t clear the roof, he left only a small porthole to see behind him.

Come on folks, I know we all have too much to do and we’re all in a hurry, but you need to take the extra five minutes and clear that snow.

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