Is this South Jersey or The Wall from the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros? Along with the massive amount of snow the region received over the weekend came the formation of icicles that look like weapons!

I mean, seriously, a few of these (including one or two at my own house) look like something Arya Stark would have used to fight The Night King in Game of Thrones.

We asked you to show us your icicles and it turns out mine were no anomaly. They were dripping down and freezing all over the area, large in diameter and some up to 4 feet tall. Wow!

Check out some photos below.

17 Jaw-Dropping SJ Icicles That Formed After the Snow

South Jersey received significant snowfall the weekend of January 29th, producing accumulation as much as 18.5 inches in some areas. But the icicles that formed on homes in the aftermath are gorgeous and flat-out dangerous.

Always Adorable: South Jersey Dogs Playing in the Snow

Whether it's their very first time or a day they wait every year for, seeing dogs play in the snow never gets old. Some love it, some hate it, some attack it! Check out some South Jersey pups who made the most out of 2022's first snowfall.

SNOW! Listener Pictures from the Blizzard / Snow Storm of 2022

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