While clamming near Atlantic City this weekend, a family caught the weirdest fish in the ocean.

And this is no exaggeration, this fish is literally the weirdest fish according to Nature.org.

According to NJ.com and Press of Atlantic City, Edward Briese and his family were clamming in Reed's Bay when they caught the six-foot-long fish. SIX FEET LONG! But it was reportedly dead when they family came across it.

Philly.com says this fish is typically found in tropical and temperate waters, and can grow to be 14 feet wide and 10 feet long. The Mola mola fish also isn't uncommon in Jersey waters. The DEP says this large bony fish usually swims up and down New Jersey's coast pretty frequently.

Another plus: the fish isn't harmful to humans, and likes to eat jellyfish! Perhaps it can eat those deadly clinging jellyfish found in the back bay waters? Wishful thinking, right?!

Sadly, they do tend to die from eating plastic bags by mistaking them as jellyfish.

If you want to learn more about these fish visit Press of Atlantic City or Philly.com.

Otherwise check out this video Mike and I found:


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