A fisherman shark hunting off the coast of Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey got exactly what he'd reportedly hoped for: An encounter with a Great White.

Ah, the Great White Shark. King of the World. Top of the Food Chain.

I've often said I'd consider it a privilege to end my time on this earth having been eating by a Great White. They are the ultimate apex predators alive on this earth longer than anything else. They are SURVIVORS.

So, cue the John Williams music and go ahead and indulge in speaking the most famous of all shark movie quotes. 'You're gonna need a bigger boat.'

Jersey Shore Fisherman Hooks Great White Shark Near Ocean County, NJ

According to NJ.com, 39-year-old Travis Bogin was fishing for thresher sharks in the waters off Little Egg Harbor in Ocean County, New Jersey on June 12th when his rod got a bitter bit than he'd been expecting. It wasn't a thresher tugging on his line but a young female Great White shark.

Bogin reportedly managed to pull the creature close enough to his boat to get some photographic proof, which you can view below. After all, it's a moment Bogin tells NJ.com he's been waiting his whole life for, saying, “It was something that was on the (bucket) list, but didn’t think it would ever happen. It was definitely a different experience to see one up close and personal like that.”

Bogin got pretty clear footage, too!

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Travis also remarked that he knows it's a chance meeting he's not likely to have again, saying, “It probably, honestly, will be my last (great white encounter),” he said. “Just to run into them like that, especially in the wild, It’s just a rare thing.”

Pretty cool, eh? I'm a little jelly, lol.

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