Kings Road Brewing Company could be opening in the dry borough, Haddonfield, by fall 2017 if everything goes to plan.

Thanks to licenses offered in 2012, local breweries, wineries, and distilleries are able to sell alcoholic beverages on site, which launched openings of microbreweries even in dry towns.

Now, five local residents hope to open a nanobrewery at Gibb's Tavern on 127 Kings Highway East despite Haddonfield being a dry town. And so far, it seems like Kings Road Brewing Co. is getting a positive reception.

Kings Road Brewing company got its approval by the Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday, since beer would be made and sold on site. Even Mayor Jeffrey Kasko agrees that it would be good for nearby business.

All that's left is for the state to rule on their microbrewery license and renovation will begin on March 1.

And here's cool fun fact: the brewery's name and the beer will pay homage to the borough's history.

Read full coverage on the new brewery. Meanwhile we'll be crossing our fingers that everything gets approved for Kings Road Brewing Company.


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