There is no denying the cultural impact A Star Is Born has had. It's everywhere. The film remake starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has been the highlight of the awards season. YouTube is filled with covers of the film's most popular song "Shallow." Most of these videos are beautiful nods to the song written by Lady Gaga. However, Nerdist decided to take a different approach.

The "nerdy" digital media company decided to blend A Star Is Born with Star Wars. I mean these films are very similar right? The video created by Nerdist stars Kylo Ren and Rey with their tumultuous relationship.

I won't lie since I heard the song the other day it has been stuck in my head. I find myself singing the Nerdist version more than the original. The song aptly titled "A Star Wars Is Born – “Shallow” Parody."

Watch the "Shallow" Spoof Here:

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