Wow. The force is strong with this one. Maybe even in the afterlife.

Hey, all you Star Wars fans out there. Have you ever seen this gravestone that sits in a New Jersey cemetery that appears to have been inspired by The Empire Strikes Back?

A man named Bruce P. Berman's gravestone looks a whole heck of a lot like Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Damn you, Boba Fett. #NeverForget.

Bruce and his unique gravestone rest at Hazel Wood Cemetery in Rahway, New Jersey, in Union County.

After a years-long battle against ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gherig’s Disease, Berman passed away in 1998 at just 32 years old.

According to Weird NJ, Bruce taught about graphics and animation at Seton Hall and William Paterson College. Then, Hollywood came calling and Berman worked in special effects for commercials and movies, many under the Twentieth Century Fox umbrella. That's the very studio that made Star Wars.

And while there's no 100 percent confirmation from his family or that Bruce's gravestone was indeed because he was a Star Wars fan, he must have been, right? It immortalizes him just like Han Solo!

If it WAS, it's such a baller move by someone who was clearly very creative and who left a profound mark on the people who loved him, worked with him, and were taught by him.

On the back of Berman's gravestone is a beautiful passage written by his wife, Carolyn. It reads, in part, 'The greatness of Bruce's life is measured not in years, but by the impact he had on the people who were blessed to known him.'

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I never knew him, but something tells me we'd have gotten along GREAT. May the force be with you, Bruce, wherever you are.

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