For the majority of my adult life I have been fortunate enough to avoid using the good ol' GSP, but now things have changed and now I find myself frequenting it every day.

With that being said, I have noticed a few things while driving on it, and maybe you have to. Most, if not all of these will make you go "no kidding". So without further adieu, lets talk about the "Mad Max: Fury Road" of New Jersey!

Starting with...

  • 1

    65 MPH Is Not The Speed Limit, More Like Suggestion

    Can we all agree on this? Everyone needs to channel their inner Marty McFly and hit the gas! Even at 88 mph you are still playing catch-up with the other cars.

  • 2

    Turn Signals Are An Option

    Courtesy goes right out the window on this one, not to mention safety. Never ever assume no one is behind you. You what happens when you assume right? Also, don't be that person that turns their turn signal on after the fact. There is no good telling us where you just were!

  • 3

    Contruction And Potholes For Days

    I feel like you see more of this heading south on the GSP. If you are going to work on the roads can you please do it overnight when there are fewer cars on the road? Also potholes beware, whatever you do make sure your mouth is close when going over a pothole because we don't want to give ourselves a bloody tongue on the way to our job interview, am I right?

  • 4

    Its Opposite Day On The Parkway

    Did I miss the memo? Last time I checked slower drivers should be in the right lane and faster driver should be in the left...not the other way around!!!

  • 5

    Entrance/Exit Ramps Inject The Need For Speed

    What is with these ramps that tell people you must fly into your ramp at 70 mph? Have I been doing it wrong this whole time? I didn't know that I should be kicking it into lightspeed when getting on/off the parkway!

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