There are certain little white lies we all tell. Whether we are telling ourselves or other people, they're still lies.


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    I'll Be Ready In 5 Minutes

    Yea...ok. You are still sitting in your towel Grace. There is NO way you will be out out of the house in 5 minutes. That's a nice thought though.

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    I'll Start Eating Healthy Tomorrow

    I'll go to McDonald's today because I'm in a rush, but tomorrow no more junk food. (Tomorrow comes) Eating only a few chips isn't so bad.

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    I'll Start Working Out Tomorrow

    Ha! This goes along with I'll start eating healthy tomorrow. I don't know how many workout plans I've pinned on Pinterest that I never looked at again.

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    I'll Drive The Speed Limit

    Do people in New Jersey actually tell themselves this? Let's be honest that's a bold-faced lie.

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    I'll Start Saving Money After Next Paycheck

    There are still cobwebs in your piggy bank months later.

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    I'll Never Get Drunk Again

    That works until the next holiday, birthday, wedding, new job, or firing.

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    I'll Clean Tomorrow

    You know that chair you have in your room that has clothes stacked on it? They're not dirty, but they're not quite clean. That same chair you said you would clean off yesterday. It's okay, we've all been there.

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    I'll Call Them Back Tomorrow

    You said that last week Carol..