Where do I begin...

I am a fish out of water when it comes to football fans in South Jersey. I am a hardcore Jets fan, not an Eagles fan. I have no problem with them so I really don't have a dog in their fight. I was happy to go to my first game of the season on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.


I just love football season. From September to February everyone comes together and puts their differences aside to watch their favorite team bash their opponent into next week. Sometimes though your team is on the receiving end of said bashing (like mine was on Sunday), but you still have fun regardless all thanks to pregame tailgating.

First off who doesn't love to tailgate? It is a football tradition and synonymous with the game itself. But every so often you get a few tailgaters that take it to the next level. I'm looking at you, Bills mafia.

But they are the extreme. I'm talking the little, subtle things, they do that can just ruffle your feathers for a short time. Like...


  • NiseriN/Thinkstock

    Standing the entire game in front of you

    Let's just get this one over with. Why are you standing on a meaningless 2nd & 4 with 11:46 to go in the second quarter??? SIT DOWN. I don't feel like standing for a whole 4 hours because of you. And now the guy behind me has to stand and that creates a domino of angry people. Sit down and know when to stand.

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    Townsquare Media Boise/Thinkstock

    They have to take their shirts off

    Why is this even a thing? Do the players or coaches really care that someone has a logo of the team painted on their belly? How does that benefit them in the game? I saw so many people with no shirts during the game, and we were sitting in the nosebleeds too, with winds howling.

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    They have to light things on fire

    I only heard about this after the fact but after the Jets game Sunday some fans decided it was a good idea to not check on hot coals during the game and have their cars set on fire.

    When did the human race become so stupid?

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    They taunt opposing fans, or even same-team fans

    Nobody likes a heckler. Nobody also likes the brass it takes for someone to argue about a call gone wrong with someone on the SAME SIDE as you! I can't believe I actually saw that. You are all on the same team! I get it if it was the opposing team but come on, use your heads.

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