My excitement grows as we get closer to seeing Maroon 5 this Sunday Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, and so does my list of demands.

Now, let me tell you up front. I am not one of those people who will look up an artist's setlist before or during a concert. I do not want to be spoiled, or disappointed if a song I like is not played. I honestly don't understand people who must absolutely do this.

That being said, Maroon 5 has quite the catalog of songs. I just have a few on my mind that I oh so hope they play. I wont' go as far to say that the night will be ruined, but I'll be bummed for a minute then get over it. I am adult after all...sometimes.


  • 1

    She Will Be Loved

  • 2

    Love Somebody

  • 3

    Never Gonna Leave This Bed

  • 4

    Sunday Morning

  • 5


  • 6

    Don't Wanna Know

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