Look, I get sometimes we're desperate, in a rush, or simply just need to fill up the tank. But this is next level inconsideration at Wawa!

Shaking my head! I was scrolling on my Instagram when I stopped on THIS photo:

Yup...just gonna leave this right here...knew I was doing something wrong..wow. - #yourwineguy

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Immediately all these things popped to mind:

  • How low were you on gas?
  • Look at those people looking at her thinking 'wtf are you doing?'
  • Where is the gas attendant?
  • Ain't no way this is NJ
  • I would be so MAD if I saw this in person
  • There's no way she can think this is OK

Any who, just another thing to NOT do at Wawa. For a full list of other things you shouldn't do at Wawa, click here.

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