We all have ways to try and find the winning numbers for the lottery, especially when the Mega Millions jackpot is now a record for the highest amount for any U.S. lottery in history!  Most of us just let the machine due the work, but I tried a different approach and had 5 people give me numbers between 1-54 to play for a ticket.  Is this approach going to win HUGE?!?!?

Everyone has their rationale for picking certain numbers, and 5 brave souls called into SoJO to give their ideas and complete my ticket:

Harold Swartz of Galloway channeled the power of one number that is in his address and his life.

Donna Renn of Brick chose to feel the power SoJO with one part of our frequency.

Lucy Moran of Egg Harbor City used the year she was born to give a number to this ticket.

Tom Kwasniewski of Franklinville used his favorite month to pick another number.

Noelle Jillson of Little Egg Harbor chose her lucky number (and she claims that she's very lucky!)

Thanks to these 5 for their thoughts and hopefully their luck toward the ticket I will be buying, and adding my own number to make the 6 necessary picks toward $540 Million.  Depending on lottery sales, the Mega Millions jackpot could become even higher before Friday nights drawing at 11pm EST.

I promise if our numbers hit for the jackpot, I will take cash lump-sum of about $390 Million, give 40% back for taxes, then give each person 3% of the remainder.  Since this was my idea, my money, and one of my numbers I claim 85% - realize 3% of lump-sum after taxes works to be about $7 Million!

Good Luck to all of us!


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