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Happy October 3rd. Mean Girls' fans know today is a special day, which subsequently became Mean Girls Day.


If you are looking for ways to express your love for the film, check out these 7 items that complete the ultimate Mean Girls fan kit.

  • 1

    The Movie

    Clearly, to celebrate October 3rd you need to watch the movie. Getting the DVD version of the movie is a bit more nostalgic than just streaming it. Buy Now

  • 2

    Pink Polo

    If you can't borrow a pink polo from your best friend Damian, this Lands' End polo works just fine. Make sure to get it a few sizes too big for the full effect. Buy Now

  • 3

    Sexy Santa Costume

    Get ready to bust out those dance moves and slip into this sexy Santa costume. You'll be ready for the talent show in no time. Buy Now

  • 4

    Burn Book Journal

    I didn't know this existed until now. You can get your very own lined Burn Book journal to write your innermost thoughts in. Buy Now

  • 5

    Mouse Ears

    "I'm a mouse, duh!" The most iconic Halloween costume of all time worn by our favorite meteorologist, Karen Smith. Buy Now

  • 6

    So Fetch Tee

    Every Mean Girls fan worth her salt needs something that says, "fetch," on it. This t-shirt comes in a few different colors, but if it's not pink you're doing it wrong. Buy Now

  • 7

    I'm A Cool Mom Wine Glass

    "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom." Bless Amy Poehler. If you were old enough to see Mean Girls when it came out, you should be old enough to drink wine now. Buy Now