It all makes sense!

Gritty is back in the spotlight, but some would say he never left. This time he takes the stage with another outgoing, goofy, redhead, Conan O'Brien.

On his show last Wednesday night Conan wanted to get down to the bottom of who is inside the Gritty costume. Before the reveal he echoed what the nation felt about the new Flyers mascot:

"Some people think that Gritty's cute. Some people think he's terrifying ... Is he a muppet? Is he a yeti? Is he some kind of big foot?"


For the record I would like to state once again that I actually love Gritty, and he is a genius (you can read my many others reason why Gritty is great here).

As you sure you are ready for the big reveal?


Okay then...

Guess Coco isn't a fan of the 'real' Gritty.

Obviously this was all in good fun, how can anybody really hate a face like that?!

So maybe Conan is the exception.

Check out the full clip below!

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