We all have to deal with a certain amount of stress at the workplace. Some jobs can be more stressful than others, as well as being physically dangerous.Some of the factors to determine the stress levels of a particular occupation include: travel, deadlines, competitiveness, physical demands, environmental conditions, hazards encountered, the life of oneself or others at risk, and interacting with the public.

Does your job make the list? According to careercast.com a broadcasting career comes in at number 8 for 2016. In my opinion, I don't know how you could compare the levels of stress in my job with the top five that made this year's list.


  • Maksym Dragunov
    Maksym Dragunov

    Enlisted Military Personal

    The stress score for this comes in at 84.78 (out of 100) and the average salary is $27,936 a year. As you can imagine, military men, and women deal with high levels of stress.

  • Jasmina81


    The stress level comes in at 60.59 and the average salary is $45,970. A career in firefighting comes with a high level of stress and danger every single day.

  • Carlos Santa Maria
    Carlos Santa Maria

    Airline Pilot

    An airline airline pilot comes with a stress score of  60.46
    and an annual salary of $103,390. Being an pilot comes with the responsibility of keeping thousands of passengers safe every single flight.
  • moodboard/

    Police Officer

    The stress score comes in at 53.82 and the average salary is $58,630. Police officers take an oath to protect the public they serve and to investigate crimes. 
  • Buccina Studios
    Buccina Studios

    Event Coordinator

    This position comes in with a score of 49.93 and an average salary of $46,490. Stress levels could be high especially when you're dealing with weddings, parties, and seminars, among other gatherings.

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