OMG.  SoJO Morning Show host Tom Morgan has just played right into my weakness for PopTarts.  He left a photo of this sugary temptation, and I know for sure with the nice weekend weather I'll be craving one of these.









Apparently the hand-dipped strawberry PopTart ice cream sandwich is available for your artery clogging at Carls, Jr. fast food joints across the country and retails for the low, low price of $1.49!  But we don't have Carls, Jr. in New Jersey, so I'll have to copycat and make my own at home.








As divine as a strawberry PopTart is to me, I may make mine a tad healthier by using hard frozen yogurt and organic fruit-filled pastries.  Like these:




--Nature's Path Organic Frosted Strawberry Pastries









--Healthy Choice Vanilla Bean Greek Frozen Yogurt


Bon appetit!